About the Movie


Some Smoke and a Red Locker

Log Line: When a monster transporting time machine gets the two stoner brothers – Rufus and Brutus – Into trouble, they find shelter in the woods and start a monster army to fight back.

Tag Line: Puff, Puff, Pizza.

Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy       

Language: English

Length: 93 Minutes

Status: Post-Production

Short Synopsis

The two hobby inventors, Rufus and Brutus, have built a time machine. But instead of sending the brothers through time and space, the machine transports monsters – from both the past, as well as the future – to the present. When one of these monsters escapes, the government gets wind of their incredible invention and sends the doggedly determined SIB agent Mara to snatch the time machine and the source code that makes it run and put it firmly under government control. At first the two bumbling stoner brothers are successful in eluding their pursuers and fleeing into the woods to hook up with their crazy drop-out uncle Joe. But Mara has a plan of her own and, in the wake of this first setback, is hot on their heels, even more determined to carry out her mission.

Uncle Joe, who is stuck in a nostalgic reality marked by visions of Vietnam and peoples’ war, sees the brother’s predicament as a chance to put his revolutionary concepts into practice. He develops a plan to organize the monsters into a partisan brigade and to wage a guerilla struggle and win their freedom. No sooner said than done! They use the time machine to transport two vampires, a werewolf, a mummy and a cyborg to the present and begin training for their coming offensive.

In the meantime, bit by bit Mara has succeeded in picking up the brother’s trail and is getting steadily closer. During a seemingly innocent pizza delivery, Uncle Joe, the two brothers and their monster army are surrounded and ambushed by agent Mara and her squad of commandos.

But instead of surrendering, Uncle Joe decides to launch the resistance and dies a martyr’s death. Fueled by the loss of their uncle, the two brothers and the monsters defend themselves with fists and weapons. The bloody showdown ends in defeat for the misfortunate duo and they not only have to deal with the loss of their friends and comrades in arms, but they find themselves – together with their time machine – as prisoners in the back of a government van on the way to a secret testing grounds.
Facing certain death, Brutus remembers that the entire time he has been carrying with him another invention his brother had previously ridiculed: a remote control for the monster machine.

By using it, they are able to bring back the cyborg, neutralize their pursuers and win their freedom.

Written and Directed by Zetkin Yikilmis

Cinematography byDominic Yikilmis

Alexander Tsypilev
Narsh Alexei Smith
Michael Tietz


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